Best Substitutes for Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauce is a well-known condiment, especially for spicy food lovers. It can be used in many savory and spicy dishes, which reasons its popularity around the world. However, there might be a chance you do not have sriracha sauce available in your pantry. That is when you need valuable substitutes and save your dishes’ flavor. Scroll down for the full details!

Best Sriracha Sauce Substitutes

Chiu Chow Chili Oil

The first substitute for sriracha sauce is Chiu chow chili oil, which perfectly combines oil and hot chili sauce. The condiment can be used as an incredibly hot dip for egg rolls and dumplings and meat and vegetables. Moreover, its easy-to-addicted and robust flavor is often added to dim sum, salad, and noodles to boost the aroma. Especially on the Chinese market, Chiu chow chili oil is rated as one of the best chili oil for its unique taste.

Chili Garlic Sauce

While I am not such a big fan of garlic, I suggest using the chili garlic sauce as an excellent alternative for the sriracha. The main reason might come from its popularity in most Asian countries, especially in Japan and Thailand. As a sibling of the sriracha, the garlic sauce has a pretty familiar taste, with a chunkier and thicker texture. Plus, it contains a lot of garlic, tangy, and heat; it has a brighter flavor. In many restaurants, you can notice the ingredient combined well with dumplings or noodles.

El Yucateco

Suppose you are a spice lover; you might have been too familiar with El Yucateco. The ingredient is also an excellent substitute for sriracha. For more details, El Yucateco contains red peppers and habanero green. That makes it has a thin look. You can add the ingredient into many dishes, such as dips, sauces, or spicy soups. Just keep in mind El Yucateco’s taste is much more intense than the sriracha. To decrease its amount by around three times, compared with the initial recipe, avoid overpowering your meal.

Balsamic Vinegar Combined With Pepper

Balsamic vinegar is the next ingredient I recommend replacing the sriracha. Not only does it have a particular and intense taste, but it is also suitable for health. For more details, balsamic vinegar originates in Italian, made partially or wholly from grapes. It can be used to enhance the dishes’ and salads’ flavors and add in sandwiches and pieces of bread. Given that you plan to produce a spicy meal, mix the vinegar with a few peppers. The condiment provides a fixed amount of insulin, supply mineral, and reduce appetite concerning its health benefits.

Cholula Hot Sauce

Cholula hot sauce comes from Arbol chilies, which are initially found in Mexico. Although it might not be quite familiar to many people, it is still the typical sauce in many restaurants for the unique mild spicy and sweet flavor. The Cholula condiment can combine well with many dishes, varying from chicken, burgers, eggs, pizza, and rice. In some areas like the U.S. states, it has become the symbol of spices.

Dave’s Crazy Caribbean

The following substitute on this list is Dave’s Crazy Caribbean, a well-known sauce in creole cuisines. The sauce is the perfect combination between red chilies, carrots, and the Rican red pepper. Many dishes can use Dave’s Crazy Caribbean, such as chicken, plates of pasta, and soups. Besides, it can add extra flavors for fiery meals. Seafood and fried food can utilize the Caribbean well, also.

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

Although Frank’s Red hot sauce has a distinct flavor from the sriracha, it is still a good alternative. As you can notice, the sriracha contains more garlic with a thicker texture and spicier taste. Meanwhile, Frank’s sauce includes a lot more acid, and its heat level tends to be lower. For more details, the sauce mainly comes from cayenne peppers, a typical kind of Capsicum annum. Suppose you want to give your dish a new heat level and a tasty taste; opt for the Frank’sauce is my advice. The fantastic sauce is a good match for dishes like eggs, sandwiches, and chicken wings.


The last name is gochujang, which is pretty famous in Korean cuisines. Like sriracha, gochujang can be added to many mildly spicy food cause their heat level is similar. That is why it is an excellent choice to replace the sauce coming from Si Racha city. Concerning its condiments, the gochujang contains fermented soybeans coming together with red chili powders. For this reason, it might be thicker than its peer. Therefore, in a few particular dishes, think about thinning it out by mixing it with water.

How To Make Sriracha Sauce At Home?

Given that you prefer using the pure sriracha sauce instead of any substitute, you can follow its quick recipe as below. You do not need to be professional in cooking to do the work. But it might require more time than usual with newcomers also. First, pick up the ingredients for the recipe. The essential condiment to create terrific sriracha is fresh chilies. Other essentials include white vinegar, garlic, pepper, salt, brown sugar, and water. After you already have what you need, start preparing the peppers by washing them and removing the stems. Suppose you are a spicy lover, keep the seeds inside the peppers. If not, taking it out would reduce the heat level. Then, utilize a food processor or a blender to crush those peppers. Put the small pieces of peppers into an airtight container to ferment them. Remember to leave from one to two inches from the container’s top. The fifth step is to pour other condiments into a jar and mix them gently. Store the pot in a dry area without direct contact with sunlight. Do not forget to cover the jar also. Last but not least is to wait around two weeks to use the sauce. It can last up to one month in good storing condition.

FAQs About Sriracha Sauce Substitutes

Is Chili Paste And Sriracha The Same Things?

While both have chilies as the main ingredient, they are different condiments in texture and flavors. For example, the hot sauce is thicker, and it does not have an apparent paste-like look much. Besides, the sriracha contains a more immense amount of vinegar than the chili paste.

Can I Replace Harissa For Sriracha?

Of course, you can use harissa instead of sriracha in many dishes, for they have a similar heat level. However, their flavor might be considerably different. There are many kinds of harissa mixtures, and some might replace the sriracha better than others. Hence, carefully pick up the right type to fit your need.

Why Is Sriracha Good?

According to some studies, sriracha is beneficial for our health due to its essential condiment, chili peppers that contains capsaicin. The component helps improve metabolism, leading to a healthy increase in our body weight. Furthermore, the ingredient is proved to affect the body’s good-mood chemicals like serotonin by raising endorphins.


In shorts, above are the eight best sriracha sauce substitutes on the market recently. Hopefully, the guide has helped you serve the best meals for you and your loved ones.